Why designing employee experiences matters now.

In the hyper-competitive world for attracting talent, the stakes couldn’t be higher for creating a compelling place to work. Competitors will always be standing at the door (or through LinkedIn!) trying to convince your best employees to come and work for them because they're offering something that you aren't.


I believe it’s essential to foster a workplace culture that encourages employees to grow professionally and have fun. Equally important is communicating a company’s benefits in a way that empowers employees to make educated choices for themselves and their families. 


Product-Mindset > Service-Mindset

It’s increasingly easy to outsource HR departments, but difficult to understand the nuances of workplace culture.

HR, like other parts of the org, needs to have a strong understanding of the products they’re building—and how to deliver these experiences within its culture.


The Medium is the Message.

Trained as a media designer, I understand the pros and cons of a wide-range of media types—from email to video, graphic design to animation—so that we’re choosing the right medium (or mediums) to deliver the most impactful message.  


Engaging Experiences Create Engaged Employees.

Consciously designed, purposeful products send a message: “We value this program. We value you.” They reflect an investment by the company in its people and culture.


Sustainable and Scalable Solutions

It’s nice to make beautiful things...but if the work can’t be continued once the design team leaves or is not relevant in two years - what’s the point. Products—whether they are platforms, templates, or tools—should always be created with sustainability and scalability in mind.